About the Tutor

Louise Wood
Bachelor of Arts in English, Hillsdale College
Master of Arts in Liberal Arts, St. John’s College

After being home-educated for much of high school, I graduated magna cum laude from Hillsdale College. During my undergraduate work I earned membership in national academic honorary societies for my scholarship in English, Education, Spanish, Theater, and Music. I focused my studies on British and American literature and completed my undergraduate thesis on Virginia Woolf’s Between the Acts.

Following my undergraduate work I studied at St. John’s College, earning a Master of Arts degree in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Western Literature. My most extensive research addressed Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick and Miguel de Cervantes’ Don Quijote.

During my work at Hillsdale, I satisfied Michigan requirements to earn my initial high school teaching certification. My teaching experience includes a practicum working with elementary and junior high students in Moscow, Russia, teaching junior high and high school English at a private Christian school in Michigan, and teaching English as a Second Language at a private boarding school in Minnesota. In addition to private tutoring I currently teach the following courses online through The Potter’s School:

  • College British Literature
  • College American Literature
  • College World Literature / AP Literature and Composition
  • Western Literature
  • Modern History, Literature, and Composition

I have found my work with students tremendously rewarding, and am grateful for the opportunity to read and struggle with the great ideas that have shaped our civilization.

I am also grateful to have married my college sweetheart. We settled in Colorado where we enjoy a quiet life of working, reading, and raising our wonderful twin boys.