New High School Curriculum Consultation Service

Gearing up for the new school year is both exciting and overwhelming. To help with the overwhelming aspects I’m adding a new curriculum consulting service!

Many homeschool families choose an off the shelf curriculum for their upper school students. While that can be great, what if your student hates the titles the company chose? What if you want your student to study British Literature but you’re worried about whether or not Chaucer is too bawdy for your family’s taste?

Give me a shout!

I can help you choose novels, poems, and short stories for any high school English goal. I can help you understand the texts your student will be reading so that you can be more engaged in his or her learning process. I can also help you customize the materials you’ve purchased. Do you want to tailor British Lit for your Fantasy/SciFi fan? Is your daughter sick of reading books with weak female characters? Is your son powerfully bored by stories that do not have a clear “message?”

Let’s talk. I’m available for consultations throughout the year to help YOU be the best home educator for your high school English student!

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