*NEW!* Curriculum Consulting Service

I’m excited to offer a new Curriculum Consulting Service. For families who purchase a high school English curriculum or who want to personally design their students’ coursework, I am now available to help you understand your options and build the best course for you.

Do you have a student who doesn’t want to read anything but Fantasy and SciFi? Let me help you customize a great year of study.

Do you dislike some of the texts in the curriculum you purchased? If you are not sure where to start in finding replacements, let me help!

Curriculum Consulting starts at $50 for an hour’s consultation. Email me your materials and questions ahead of time, then I’ll prepare my recommendations and we’ll sit down and chat!


Do you need a tutor to review a single assignment? Do you need a tutor to help you with an entire high school or college course? Parchment Tutorials is here for you!

My tutoring services are designed for students who wish to improve their writing through one-on-one evaluation. The length of the engagement is dependent upon the goals and accomplishments of each student. I can help:

  • college students working to improve their writing in general or working toward a specific assignment
  • elementary, junior high, and high school students
  • busy homeschool moms who are overwhelmed with grading their students’ writing
  • parents who lack the background to help their students grow as writers

Each Writing Tutorial begins with a free consultation. We will discuss goals, assess a writing sample, and come up with a plan for the duration of our sessions. The Independent Writing Tutorial, unlike our other courses, is billed by the hour at the following rates:

  • Live, One-on-One Tutoring via Web Conference, $50/hour
  • Writing Review, $40/hour

Tutoring students may begin at any time. Parchment Tutorials can assist you with one assignment or an entire course – our tutoring services are tailored to fit your specific needs. Whether you need help taking your writing to the next level or are a busy homeschool mom lacking the time or skills to evaluate your students’ work – we can help!

Please contact us with questions!